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Disney Dining at It’s Finest

12 Mar

The Wave of American Flavors

at Disney’s Contemporary Resort ~ There’s still an a la carte menu, but we recommend the bountiful buffet, tucked behind a wall at the back of the dining room. Well-lit and spotless, smaller serving dishes are often replenished from the nearby kitchen to keep tastes fresh and hot – creamy grits and bacon, housemade gravy (that tastes like grandma makes), hash browns, quiche, piping hot scrambled eggs, omelets made to order. But we really loved the sweet potato pancakes with a dollop of sweetened butter. They don’t even need syrup.

Chef Frank Brough is most proud of the locally grown fruits and veggies. “It’s the peak of the Florida citrus season, and we’re featuring locally grown citrus – Honeybell oranges, pink grapefruit, Plant City strawberries, carambola (star fruit) from South Florida,” Chef Frank explained.

And you can eat healthfully – or not. The granola is homemade, delicious with strawberry yogurt and topped with fresh berries. There’s oatmeal and turkey sausage and multi-grain mini-muffins. But there’s also cinnamon-vanilla bread pudding, and a coffee cake version of the “Sticky Mickey” buns that we used to love at Concourse Steakhouse (featured from time to time on the buffet). Sous Chef Dylan Schauwecker says the apple strudel mini-muffins are another guest favorite.

Credits @ http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2011/03/new-breakfast-buffet-at-the-wave-of-american-flavors/